Corruption in State Government

Unfortunately, every few years Rhode Island gets hit with a corruption scandal at the State House. These scandals make it even harder to come up with solutions to our problems, because each scandal erodes public confidence in their government. The solution to this mess is to send leaders to Smith Hill who have integrity and a determination to become Representatives and Senators for the right reasons: to govern responsibly, not to line their pockets.


The Economy

Second only to public safety issues, the most important job of state government is to help create the conditions for economic prosperity in Rhode Island. We need to recognize that we are in competition with the other New England states for business, and we need to work to stop the brain drain that devastates Rhode Island, when our brightest citizens go elsewhere in search of fulfilling work and a good paycheck. We cannot succeed with ill-considered quick fixes, like the one that created the 38 Studios debacle. We need to dig in and look closely at our tax structure and other areas of state government that keep businesses away from Rhode Island. 


Real Democratic Values

Too often in our state elected officials call themselves Democrats when, in reality, they are just the opposite: real Democrats understand that government is a necessity and they work to make it function efficiently and effectively. Real Democrats recognize the issues facing our state and nation are complex and require thoughtful and reasonable solutions. Real Democrats support a fundamentally fair and respectful government that serves everyone. 

Real Democrats:

  • Come to office to work for others, not to line their own pockets. 

  • Support the right to collective bargaining.

  • Recognize that healthcare should be a fundamental right.

  • Do not stand in the way of a woman's right to make her own reproductive health choices.

  • Recognize that climate change is a reality and support taking steps to prepare for the changes coming to our coastline. 

  • Offer smart and thoughtful solutions on criminal justice issues. 

  • Support common sense gun regulation.